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We currently have openings for prospective Postdoctoral Associates, Research Assistants, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students. We are open to Visiting Scholars as well. See details below, and please inquire at: y_zhang [at]

​Applicants with computational backgrounds, gene editing experience or in vivo/in vitro electrophysiology expertise, are especially encouraged to apply, (but all applicants are welcome)!

Why join the Z-Lab

We aim to build a world renowned laboratory at Tsinghua University seeking new insights into brain function in health and disease. All team members are expected to create the history of the Z-Lab and benefit from the process. Everyone will have the opportunity to investigate questions that interest them the most while also complying with the overarching theme of our laboratory. Our goal is to help establish the Z-Lab in neuroscience research and along the way support each team member to reach their maximum potential. You can expect a healthy environment in the Z-Lab full of motivation, support, and fun.


Postdoctoral Associates

  • Have recently obtained a PhD or expect to complete their doctoral training in ~6 months;

  • Have a background in neuroscience/biology with published or in-press first-author papers;

  • Excel in one of the following areas: electrophysiology, genome editing, computational skills for RNA sequencing, neural activity (GCaMP/spikes) or behavioral data.


Competitive salaries and benefits are offered. Please provide a brief letter of interest, a CV, and the names of 2-3 references who could speak to your training to: y_zhang [at]

Figure 7.tif
Ion channel recording

Research Assistants

  • Have obtained or expect to obtain a Bachelor Degree in ~6 months;

  • Have a background in biology, medicine, or computer science.

If you are interested in these positions, please email us (y_zhang [at] with the duration and description of your previous lab experience while highlighting key research skills, career goals and preferred employment timeline.

Graduate Students

Cell types in the thalamus

If you are a Tsinghua graduate student looking for a lab, email us (y_zhang [at] and we can set up a time to meet. I always have room for inspired rotation students to discover their passion.  Motivation, enthusiasm and curiosity are required.

Undergraduate Students

If you are an undergraduate student looking for a research opportunity, email us (y_zhang [at] with your prior research-related experience, a rough estimate of how much time you plan to spend in the lab, and let me know exactly what your goals are for working with our lab. 

Single neuron action potentials
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